Must buys

Aside from books and mints, I also bought several items to help me with my pregnancy.

Topping my list are Elin dresses which I’ve always wanted to buy even when I wasn’t pregnant. I bought two maternity dresses which I may have turned into my regular uniform. What I wish I knew then was that it was better to buy nursing dresses instead so I could still use them after giving birth.

My hormones went on overdrive during my first trimester so following a friend’s recommendation, I ended up trying out Drunk Elephant’s The Littles. I really liked the Virgin Marula Oil and I have yet to restock (too pricey!).

I also have sunscreen and lip balm on hand. And virgin coconut oil to rub on my tummy. I didn’t spend on this item too much because I’ve had stretch marks even before I got pregnant so I’ve accepted that no amount of expensive butter or oil will save me from my genes.

As I mentioned before, I also stocked up on mints – from various flavors of Ricola to Mentos, Polo and Valda Pastilles.

I also got a Snug-a-Hug pillow early on so I could train myself to sleep on my left side. A Tempur body pillow would have been more ideal but this would do because I need to start being practical.

As I entered my second trimester and my baby got a bit heavy, I ordered Blanqi maternity support wear – a tank top and a pair of leggings which have been ultra comfy and helpful in “carrying” the “extra” load.

Lastly (and most impractically), because I found out I was pregnant at the start of April, I wasn’t able to resist getting myself a 2017 Hobonichi planner for spring. (Oops.) I think that may have been the first thing I bought after learning I was pregnant.

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