Golden moments

Looking back, it’s funny to think that Joel experienced so many highs at the very same place where I had the most painful experiences.

While my journey from labor to delivery was a rough ride, Joel’s fatherhood was amazing and it was heartwarming to see it with my own eyes. Well, technically, I was heavily sedated when he was at the labor room and when he first saw me and Luna come out of the delivery room. I remember the selfies but I still haven’t seen the videos he took of my swollen, post CS face. I didn’t witness much of those things but I was there when the magical moments occurred.

I basically spent the first two days in bed. I was too scared to move because of my surgery and all the post operation fears that came with it for a first timer like me. Basically, I just watched people come and go while tuning in to the Asian Food Channel – as to why Joel chose that, I do not know and never even bothered to ask.

The first magical moment: I saw how Luna cried when Joel stepped two feet away from her – and it happened several times. I do not know what to call that and why exactly happened – pheromones, perhaps?

The second magical moment? That’s the one I understand because I know its history. During the wee hours of the morning, Luna was crying and we didn’t know how else to calm her down. We were playing some music, probably a lullaby – I don’t remember which one. I suggested to Joel to play songs from The Pillows, his favorite band, instead. He played Walkin’ on the Spiral, the song Luna reacted to the most when she was still in my womb. Amazingly, Luna stopped crying and there was silence save for the familiar J-rock beat.

It was simply magic.

Or a really good example of classical conditioning. 😉

I will never forget that moment especially during the tough times. We’ve made a little creature and I can’t wait to survive these tough phases of bringing her up and look back and tell my self it’s all worthwhile.

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