Our little Luna is a fighter.

Since day one in my womb, she has shown us so much strength and will to survive. During pregnancy, she hanged on during the wobbly first trimester even if I very well thought I would have lost her during those early weeks. Early on after her birth, despite having jaundice, she showed determination and didn’t seem sickly at all. Everything seemed normal and Luna didn’t show signs of dissatisfaction or discomfort.

Sometimes I wonder where she got it. I’m one who wouldn’t want to struggle nor put in much effort when the going gets tough. I easily complain or simply just give up.

My low milk supply didn’t deter her. Early on, I bought different milk bottles to make sure we’ll find something she’d like. It turns out she’d use any bottle we give her, no matter what size or shape or nipple flow. She’d actually latch on to anyone with mammary glands just to survive. If life was survival of the fittest, she’d end up alive. Unfortunately for me, I’m sure I would’ve been left behind.

I’m glad our little Luna is a warrior. At three months, she already has taught me so much about life. 


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