Leaving Luna

I wanted to write about my first couple of months here in my university but I ended up writing about Luna.

It has been six months since I moved to Japan to study International Relations. Months before leaving, it was a blessing in disguise that I had to resign from work to take care of Luna. I spent most days carrying her in my arms, playing with her, singing songs and reading books to her, and making sure she eats the right type of food.

I thought leaving her meant she will easily forget me. I feel somewhat happy to know she misses me a lot and keeps on calling out mama or mommy. I noticed she cries out mama more often when she’s not feeling too well like last week when she was feeling a bit under the weather.

She still knows the songs I used to sing to her, and she has grown so much fond of dancing and reading books. As for her food, she eats almost everything now which surprises and scares me. She has grown so big and so fast. But I’m glad she’s still the same Luna I used to carry in my arms, just more feisty and a bit heavier for sure.

I miss her so much and I check on my phone often to see if my family has sent new photos of her or is trying to do a video call. I never thought about long-distance relationships. Luna has taught me so much about patience. I’m so excited to see her soon  and tour her around Tokyo and Niigata as well. I’m sure she’s excited to see me too and personally show me the tricks she has learned while her mama was away.


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