“Be present, be grateful”

I had a terrible day the other day and it reminded me to be grateful for friends who don’t make me feel like I’m too much piece of work, friends who are there for me even without them trying.

It’s always the little things — like a friend recognizing your sadness but not pushing you to spill it out, a friend dropping a line to make sure you’re ok, or another one offering you a ride home from the train station when the bus isn’t available anymore.

Sometimes it comes in a form of a worried friend asking how’s your thesis proposal draft and if you’ve submitted it already, or a friend reminding you that you have a make up class at 7 pm. It’s that same friend running around the hallways with you looking for that classroom for your make-up class and realizing the class is at 7:40 pm and not 7 pm.

Sometimes it’s a friend who randomly invites you to try out their freshly cooked pad thai from scratch, drunkard friends who make an effort to provide bootleg sake and Bordeaux, or a friend who surprises you by footing the expensive lunch bill (and literally running to the cashier to make sure you do not pay). 😂

For these people and these moments, I am so thankful. 💕 The other day reminded me of how easily I overlook these little things, and how I forget to thank these people. I am lucky to be surrounded by the kindest and craziest souls and no matter how often I get sad, or hurt, or lonely, it’s a good feeling to know there are people who will be there for me even when I don’t call them for help or show them how I really feel. There are just friends who make you feel so at ease and so easy to love—the same ones who remind you: “Do you have a problem? What can you do about it? Nothing? Then don’t worry!”

I learned three things this weekend: Be present, be grateful, and don’t worry!

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