Goshuin girl

A year ago, I got my first ever goshuincho or, literally, book of seals.

My first goshuin and omikuji

Along with it came my first goshuin or a seal as proof of temple visit from Kawasaki Daishi. This particular temple is well known for warding off evil. Although yakuyoke (warding off evil) is usually done at the start of the year for hatsumode (first shrine visit during the new year), I went in time for the start of my schooling and for yakudoshi (critical ages). 💕

The temple’s well detailed website must have a lot to do with how I got interested in collecting goshuin. Since then, I’ve managed to visit a number of temples and shrines and realized it was fun to collect these seals but also expensive.

A goshuin can be from 300 to 500 yen while goshuincho usually sells from 1500 to 2000 yen. Sometimes a temple or shrine can have one to three goshuin, and they also have special seasonal ones which get more pricey.

I’ve filled up the pages of my first goshuincho and I’m already on to the next one. ☺️

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