Walk this way

I signed up for a lot of free walking tours during my first year in Japan. My favorite guide remains to be Ziggy of the Shinagawa Systemized Goodwill Guide (SGG). He introduced us to Daikanyama, took great photos, and patiently waited us out while we fanboyed/fangirled over Terrace House spots.

A proč ne?!

Stalking the ghosts that went before me because this is how frenetic I am before a trip. • Follow Milan Kundera’s Prague with unbearable darkness. • Read a student’s Prague travelogue from 2006 • Peek inside the university dorm that I will live in. • Skim through some history lesson about Czechia’s black sheep. (The …

Honeymooners no more

It has been almost a year since we thought of the idea of expanding our family from two to three. I couldn’t help but feel a bit sentimental. I ended up looking at our honeymoon photos — some of whichI’ve just seen for the first time. These are beautiful outtakes taken by Seah Gee Hock, …